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Over the past few years I did some different photo projects. Here you can find out more about them.

365 Photo Projects

Over the past years I have done a couple 365 Photo Projects. What is a “365 Project”? Well, it is about taking a photo every single day for one year. Here are mine so far:

365.4 iPhone (Started: 29.09.2014 | Ended: 29.09.2015)

And again. One year of 365 photographs. This time all of them are published on Instagram and cross posted to Flickr and Facebook. A big collection of all the shots can be found in this Flickr Set. Some photos seem to be missing – probably because of the Instagram to Flickr posting. So on Instagram you can find all of them. It was an amazing year and so much happened. I am really happy I did this 365!

365.3 iPhone / iPad Photos (Started: 01.04.2012 | Ended: 31.03.2013)

I felt the urge to do it again. The full set is available on Flickr. The rules were: Take a photo each day (kinda worked), use the iPad / iPhone to edit and upload only (this worked) and I published a post about it here.

365.2 Self-Portraits (Started: 01.01.2010 | Ended: 31.12.2010)

It was January the first 2010 when I started a project called ‘365 Self-Portraits’. Taking one photo per day of yourself is not all that easy especially if you strive to take a creative one. My obligations have been to use my DSLR and to shoot a photo that is somewhat creative and not just my face every day. In the end I am very happy with the outcome. Mostly the only editing done to those photos has been with Adobe Lightroom (AmazonDE / AmazonUS). If you would like to go through the whole project, please feel free to head over to my Flickr Set where I published all 365 photos. Or you can watch the video I made, showcasing each single photo.

365.1 iPhone Photos (Started: 30.09.2009 | Ended: 30.09.2010)

This was the first 365 Photo Project I started and I started it right before my 365 self-portrait project. So I had both projects running in parallel for a couple of month. I decided that the photos of this project had to be taken with my iPhone and also edited using only my iPhone. The full set of pictures can be found on Flickr.

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